Exchange box


Thank your neighbours. You can also post your photos via Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #HCLbox

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    One direction... Déjà culte?

    Rad about 9 years

  • 6573917e9f063ee75afe6e645f82b96f9c7114db

    Au Grand-Saconnex!

    Rad about 9 years

  • 31d8c440fa87a08570e21cb8885ba7fc5f6a77e3

    Merci pour cette jolie boite !

    plume about 9 years

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    Drop something in, take something out: #HCLbox neighbourhood sharing box by @HappyCityLab

    6sbtuhem normal @robinmetral about 9 years

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    Cool ça redémarre ! #HCLbox

    10597248 539610609474124 87159314 a @abovard about 9 years

  • 5682baeb1092706b7e6f476014df9374571b6fd9

    Nouvelle boîte à la rue du Vélodrome!

    Cath about 9 years

  • 06d6d05d69af858c2fec84a4b5d64b6c34076ac2

    Nouvelle boîte à St Jean!

    Cath about 9 years

  • 2883cf2fd91d94d049ff525869b53960d0bdf02e

    Nouvelle boîte à la rue des Sources

    Cath about 9 years

  • Eb75bd8d08c1fa41087738220a6bcf9791c8cbdf

    Nouvelle boîte à la rue Hoffmann!

    Cath about 9 years

  • 48aa53a890bd4694c295a673c3c416e3d882b04d

    Nouvelle boîte aux Grottes!

    Cath about 9 years