Exchange box


Thank your neighbours. You can also post your photos via Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #HCLbox

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    #hclbox merci voisins

    G4a7uvvl normal @Dan_Acher almost 5 years

  • 9fa774fe6194b8e4269b5519a59430f802f800e1

    Rue des Sources :-)

    plume almost 5 years

  • Ab98566e7c1d9b31358b51cdc7aa9c9c150f3f5e

    Une boîte bien pleine au Grand-Saconnex!

    Cath almost 5 years

  • RT @ArmandCatherine: #hclbox Timelapse: A Day In The Life Of A Neighbourhood Exchange Box in Geneva

    B94f85c91df5bf46040d252b25c3004e normal @martouf_vert almost 5 years

  • 6b41684fd9c9d5fae8de6a5063b5a29d80dc3d3c

    Une initiative de

    Catherine almost 5 years

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    #hclbox @eaux-vives il y a des fans de science fiction dans le coin

    G4a7uvvl normal @Dan_Acher almost 5 years

  • Cdhq6kywgaa7fek

    Délices, Genève. Beau ! #hclbox

    G4a7uvvl normal @Dan_Acher almost 5 years

  • D8a6ca4a37702c45d8b7dd04b40c93d2dc34e33d

    Rue Gautier, c'est parti !

    Rad almost 5 years

  • 25064e66f4d6ed88003c9d408966ef676eb592ed

    One direction... Déjà culte?

    Rad almost 5 years

  • 6573917e9f063ee75afe6e645f82b96f9c7114db

    Au Grand-Saconnex!

    Rad almost 5 years